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Jungle Grown Cacao Nibs, 10 lb BULK BAG

Jungle Grown Cacao Nibs, 10 lb BULK BAG


Raw jungle grown cacao nibs is one of nature's most fantastic superfoods due to its mineral content and wide array of unique and varied properties.

The Nutrition of Raw Wild Jungle Cacao

    • Number one source of magnesium of any food on the planet
    • Contains the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food in the world
    • Highest source of iron of any plant
    • Exceptionally rich in:
      • Chromium
      • Anandamide (the bliss chemical)
      • Theobromine
      • Manganese
      • Zinc
      • Copper
      • Omega-6 fatty acids
      • PEA
      • Trytophan
      • Serotonin
      • And more!

Contrary to popular opinion, wild jungle cacao contains very little, if any, caffeine. It has been clinically demonstrated that cacao does not elevate blood sugar. Raw jungle grown cacao is also a highly effective natural energy enhancer.

The Three Major Species of Cacao

There are three major species of Theobroma Cacao currently in wide cultivation around the world:

      • Heirloom Criollo
      • Forastero
      • Trinitario (a cross of Criollo and Forastero)

Heirloom Criollo is the most highly prized, as this variety is very rare, comprising less than 1% of the worldwide cacao market. Many internet sites and chocolate companies brag about their Criollo cacao beans, when in reality, they have Forastero varieties.

Why Choose Our Cacao Nibs?

    • Derived from pure Ecuadorian Arriba Criollo Jungle Grown Cacao Beans
    • Grown wild in high-elevation volcanic soil
    • Brought down from the mountainous regions via donkey back
    • Wild organic cacao trees are a minimum of 30 years old, and some have been growing for more than 80 years!
    • Nourished from rain water or deep mountain spring water; never irrigated from potentially contaminated rivers and stream.
  • Guaranteed Purity
    • Hand-picked jungle grown cacao pods: No possible blending of our beans with the CCN51 or other low quality hybrids that are pervasive in the area.
    • We never acquire product from aggregators.
    • We only harvest the beans when they are fully mature and ripe
  • Zero Jitters
    • Because we have such a pure quality wild cacao bean, you will have zero jitters from this product.
    • No mycotoxins, mold, yeast, and fungus on the beans, which are what cause the adrenal response of jitteriness.
  • State-of-the-art Processing Facility
    • The wild jungle grown cacao is only processed in our dedicated raw organic cacao facility on custom artisan equipment that has never seen any other cacao but our own, so there is no possible integration with lesser quality cacao.
    • Heirloom jungle cacao beans are always sun-dried and never gas dried.
    • Wild cacao remains 100% raw from start to finish

The purity of the jungle grown cacao beans that create this product result in a deep, intense, raw chocolate flavor and color.

Container Size: Bulk Packaging, 10 lb Bag

Storage Instructions: Keep tightly sealed. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Country of Origin: Ecuador

Ingredients: Organic Raw 100% Arriba Criollo Jungle Grown Cacao Nibs

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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