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Neem Enamelizer, 15 mL

Neem Enamelizer, 15 mL


Specially Formulated to Replace Regular Toothpaste

This alkalinizing tooth polish will leave your teeth feeling smooth and further allow minerals, enzymes, and nutrients in your saliva to support healthy mineral levels in your enamel and saliva: The Key To A Healthy Mouth.

Your saliva is extremely important to the health of your mouth. Saliva contains many chemicals and enzymes that exist specifically to take care of the teeth, and it is designed to bathe the teeth all day long in a solution that has a pH of approximately 7. This is exactly what your teeth and gums need. Keeping saliva alkaline ensures healthy mineralized enamel

Your saliva has the power to remineralize or demineralize teeth. Saliva controls bacterial flora in the mouth, prepares food for digestion, and produces certain vital hormones. If saliva is acidic, it dissolves the enamel on your teeth and creates an environment that houses bacteria. The longer the mouth remains acidic the more damage is done to the enamel. Weak, porous enamel and acidic gum tissue create sensitive teeth. Furthermore, saliva that has too much alkalinity excretes excess calcium and can create calcium build up on the teeth. Using Neem Enamelizer can restore optimal pH in your saliva, therefore ensuring that your saliva supports proper mineralization of your teeth.


Each one of the botanical species in this formula is carefully selected by Nadine Artemis for its individual and synergistic effects that improve and maintain gum and oral health. The combination of antiseptic, astringent, circulatory, and analgesic botanicals creates optimal molecular activity.

Neem Oil has long been used by natives of rural India. Without access to modern dental care, many of these rural villagers took to chewing on neem twigs. Our formula uses the leaves of the neem to distill a powerful essential oil that when mixed with the other essential oils in Neem Enamelizer works to keep your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy.

Neem has been shown to:
    • Support healthy gums*
    • Deter the growth of bacteria that cause cavities*
    • Reduce plaque*
    • Freshen breath
Cinnamon Oil has been revered for centuries for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It has been shown in studies to be particularly effective against the bacteria responsible for causing plaque and gum disease. In addition, cinnamon oil has breath-freshening properties that will truly leave your mouth minty fresh.

Cinnamon Oil has been shown to:
    • Deter the growth of bacteria that cause cavities*
    • Deter the growth of bacteria that cause gum disease*
    • Minimize pain associated with sore and irritated gums*
    • Freshen breath 
Coconut Oil has a long history as an ingredient to oral health. The Ancient Ayurvedics, dating back more than 3,000 years, maintained the practice of swishing and swirling a tablespoon of oil around in the mouth for a minute or two, then spitting it out. The oil acts like a magnet for microbes, picking up the nasty little hitchhikers and sending them packing as the oil was spat out. If swirling coconut oil in your mouth for a couple minutes a day seems repulsive to you, you can achieve the same effects by brushing with Neem Enamelizer with Coconut Oil.

Coconut Oil has been shown to:
    • Deters the growth of bacteria that cause plaque*
    • Deters the growth of bacteria that lead to tooth decay*
    • Support the natural balance of lipids on the tongue*
    • Support healthy gums*  
Olive Oil is an abundant source of vitamin E. According to some experts, vitamin E can kill the bacteria responsible for gingivitis. Olive oil is also rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated fats.

Olive Oil has been shown to:
    • Deter the buildup of plaque*
    • Support healthy and happy gums*
    • Freshen breath*
Jojoba Oil mimics the natural oils our bodies produce. It works beautifully as a carrier oil for the key essential oils in Neem Enamelizer.

Soapwort acts as a mild cleanser, just like its name implies. It has been used since ancient times to clean tapestries and textiles, particularly those of great value. Today it is used to make everything from skin cleansers, to shampoos, to dish soap. It is not advised to swallow soapwort, but on the surface of your teeth and gums it provides a gentle cleansing action for your mouth.


“Minty fresh” is a marketing promise we all know. Common toothpaste feels refreshing because it contains synthetic mint (menthol) or other flavor byproducts such as cinnamon (cinnamaldehyde). These are not the real plant essences; they are synthetic derivatives. These foaming chemicals in your mouth do not create optimal oral ecology. Regular toothpaste gives an illusion of freshness, yet it does very little to remove tartar or plaque buildup. It is the act of brushing that does cleans the surface of your teeth.  

The chemicals used in commercial toothpaste, including many of the brands sold in health food stores, include such substances as glycerin, which coats the teeth and blocks the saliva from doing its primary job of remineralizing the enamel; calcium carbonate, which is essentially chalk that is not at all good for teeth; sodium lauryl sulfate, which is the detergent and surfactant that makes toothpaste foamy. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a known carcinogen that breaks down your skin's natural barrier, easily penetrates skin, and can lead to bleeding gums. This increases skin permeability, which allows other chemicals to more easily penetrate the blood stream. Additionally, when combined with other chemicals, sodium lauryl sulfate transforms into toxic nitrates that can remain in the body for up to five days.

Some toothpaste formulas also contain propylene glycol, also known as anti-freeze, which on its own cannot be handled without gloves. Most toothpaste formulas include FD&C color pigments (including coal tar derivatives that contain heavy metals and accumulate in the body), formaldehyde, Triclosan (a registered pesticide and bio-persistent chemical that destroys fragile aquatic ecosystems), artificial sweeteners, and synthetic isopropyl alcohol.

~ Organic ~ Vegan ~ Wildcrafted ~ No Chemicals Added ~ No Sugar Added ~

Container Size: 15 mL
Servings Per Container: Will last 5 months for one person brushing twice a day.
Serving Size: Use only one tiny drop on a dry toothbrush. This replaces your toothpaste and is for the brushing stage only! Brush teeth dry as you normally would, then spit any saliva and oil into the sink or garbage can. Do not swallow.

Storage Instructions: Keep tightly sealed. Keep in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
Please Note: Neem is full of wonderful plant waxes that make it so medicinally potent. Sometimes when temperatures change, you will notice that these waxes will solidify (Neem is actually a solid at room temperature). If your Enamelizer has solidified, place the bottle in a bowl of hot water (it doesn't need to be boiling, but hot). Let the mixture warm up and then shake it all back together again.**
*Please avoid using Neem Enamelizer when pregnant*
Organic Ingredients:
Neem Oil - Asadirachta indicaIn Sanskrit, the word for neem is 'arista,' which translates to “perfect, complete, and imperishable” and has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic practices, Neem and your toothbrush have Wonder Twin powers for your mouth. This herbal, waxy-wonder busts up plaque and tartar, polishes teeth, and leaves your smile bright, clean, and white.
Saponified Olive Oil - Olea europaeaOur organic saponified Olive oil captures all of the nourishing, moisturizing properties of olive oil while enhancing the oil’s ability to help remove plaque from the teeth. Saponification is a chemical reaction that occurs when the oil is treated with a highly alkaline solution.
Virgin Coconut Oil - Cocos nuciferaThis diverse lipid is a caring carrier oil and botanicalbiotic coconspirator that balances oral ecology. This optimal oil soothes the oral tissue and gently removes bacteria that cause bad breath.
Jojoba Oil - Simmondsia chinensisJojoba is known for its incredible skin benefits, and it is also a chief player in natural oral care. Jojoba’s loving lipids easily soothe oral tissue.
Soapwort - Saponaria officinalisAs the name suggests, Saponaria is a beautiful, very gentle natural soap herbal cleanser.
Cinnamon - Cinnamomum ceylanicumOur true Cinnamon Bark oil from Madagascar is is a potent plaque cleanser and breath freshener. It is a classic spice, and tastes nice, too!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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