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Chaga Cappuccino Recipe

Posted by Longevity Warehouse on
Chaga Cappuccino Recipe
We're sharing our newest best-selling recipe at the Longevity Coffee Shop so you can experience this amazing deliciousness at home!

Meet the Chaga Cappuccino!

Keto-friendly and made with all organic, high integrity ingredients including wild-crafted Chaga (a powerful immune booster) and astragalus (known for its anti-aging benefits). Creamy, filling, and delicious!

Chaga contains beta glucans which have been shown to reduce inflammation and promote immune function. You can read all about Chaga's anti-inflammatory benefits here.

Get a discount when you buy our Chaga Cappuccino Bundle ~ everything you need to add to your Longevity Coffee & milk of choice! Our recipe is simple:

1 Tablespoon Herb Bomb
1-2 squirts Longevity Soda® Vanilla Cream (to taste)
Heated organic milk of choice. 

Blend until frothy and serve!

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