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Honey Rose Latte Recipe

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Honey Rose Latte Recipe

Treat yourself to something sweet with this Honey Rose Latte – and it’s actually good for you.

Nature’s Healthiest Sweetener is Raw Honey.

It delivers the delicious sweet taste you crave while feeding your body wonderful nutrients. This makes it the top sweetener for health enthusiasts around the world.

Raw, unpasteurized honey, is full of natural enzymes that help your digestion, metabolism, and immune system. These enzymes are destroyed by heat which is why Raw Honey is so popular. In fact, it contains hundreds of different enzymes that make it an unsurpassed superfood and natural sweetener.

Raw Honey also contains unique mineral profiles depending on the environment it comes from. Honey contains the spectrum of B Vitamins along with A, C, D, E, and K. Along with these vitamins it is loaded with minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorous, copper, potassium, and even iodine!

This superfood has strong anti-microbial factors which is why your grandmother always gave you a spoonful of it when you had a sore throat. It is used in face masks, wound healing, and topical salves for burns. 

Compared to other sweetness honey does not promote weight gain or overeating. It helps recalibrate your taste buds and it is a superior option over refined sugar or harmful synthetic sweeteners that act as excitotoxins in your brain.

Maybe the best part of eating honey is that there is never any reason to feel guilty because it is so good for you!

Check out our simple and delicious Honey Rose Latte recipe below.

Honey Rose Latte

Honey Rose Latte

Recipe from The Longevity Coffee® Shop

This recipe can be made iced as shown in the image above OR it can be made hot. It’s deliciously versatile!


10 oz Grassfed Organic Whole Milk or your favorite Nut Milk

1 tsp Rose Water (Rose water is packed with antioxidants and is very relaxing to the nervous system)

1 TBSP Raw Honey (if you use Nut Milk, add an extra 1/2 TBSP Raw Honey)

2 oz Espresso or very strong Coffee (TRY High Octane Dark Roast!)

Optional: Rose Petals


For Warm Honey Rose Latte: Steam milk with rose water either in an espresso steamer, milk frother, or pan. Add honey and espresso to the bottom of your favorite mug. Pour the milk/rosewater combination into your mug. Sprinkle rose petals on top.

For Cold Honey Rose Latte: Add honey and espresso to the bottom of your favorite mug. Pour the milk and rosewater into your mug. Stir and sprinkle rose petals on top.

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