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How To Make “Cold Brew” Low Acid Coffee in Only 2 Minutes!

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How To Make “Cold Brew” Low Acid Coffee in Only 2 Minutes!

Are you one of the millions of people who drink cold brew coffee because your stomach can’t tolerate the HIGH ACID content in conventionally brewed coffee products?

Low acid cold brewed coffee is a hot trend this year, but it’s incredibly TIME CONSUMING and EXPENSIVE to make.

It’s also not anything new. The Dutch have been seeping coffee grinds in cold water since the 1600’s in order to more easily transport and preserve prepared coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee is Really an “Old” Brew…

What the Dutch didn’t know in the 1600’s (that we know today) is that cold-seeped coffee has a lower acid profile and is therefore more palatable to those of us with sensitive stomachs.

What makes hot-brewed coffee different from cold-brewing?

In the case of hot brewed coffee, heated water is used to quickly extract the antioxidant properties and flavors of the coffee bean into the water.

But the heat also releases all the chlorogenic acids into coffee, which for many of us, can cause gastrointestinal (upper G.I.) distress and indigestion. Chlorogenic acid has also been connected to bitterness in coffee.* (NOTE: chlorogenic acid converts to quinnic acid which has greatly increased perceived acidity).**

In the case of cold brew coffee, the extraction process happens much more slowly. It generally takes 24-48 hours to seep coffee grinds into cold water.

It also takes more ground coffee beans (twice as much, on average) to make cold brew coffee.

If you don’t use the extra beans, your coffee will lack that smooth, delicious taste. This sad fact means you end up spending more money on coffee beans to create cold brew than hot brew.

Some people don’t mind paying the extra money and enduring the long wait-time to cold-brew coffee because they love the taste, texture and low-acid profile they don’t get with hot-brewed alternatives.

But what if you could enjoy a delicious, low-acid cup of coffee that costs half as much as cold brewed coffee and takes only a fraction of the time to prepare?

Introducing the simplest, quickest method for making low-acid “cold brewed” style coffee that not only tastes incredible, but can be made in minutes instead of days.


  1. Hot brew a pot of Organic, Low Acid Longevity Coffee®.
  2. Allow some time to cool and…
  3. Pour the cooled coffee into your favorite mug, add organic milk, sweetener (if desired), 3-4 ice cubes, and stir.

Place the remaining coffee in the refrigerator to enjoy later as an Iced Longevity Latte!

Because Longevity Coffee® is naturally low in acid (due to the quality of the beans and the proprietary roasting method) you can brew it with hot water AND maintain the low acid level of your coffee.

When you drink Longevity Coffee®, your regular 2-minute hot brewing method becomes your 2-minute cold brewing coffee method. You do NOT have to cold brew it in order to avoid stomach upset!

So, let’s review. Hot brew your Longevity Coffee® and reap ALL the benefits of HOT and COLD brewing at the same time.

  1. No Pre-Planning Required.
  2. Low Acid Coffee for Less Money.
  3. No Stomach Upset or Digestive Problems.
  4. Fast Brewing Method (2 minutes versus 2 days)!
  5. Full, Delicious Flavor that Tastes Oodles Better than Traditional Cold Brew.

Right now, you need to go repurpose your cold brew mason jar as a candle holder, and brew yourself a fresh, delicious pot of Longevity Coffee®!

* The data from the claim that chlorogenic acid causes coffee to taste bitter can be found in the 2007 study entitled ‘Chlorogenic acid and caffeine contents in various commercial brewed coffees’ by Dr. T. Shibamoto and K. Fujioka.

** The data from our claims are credited to Dr. Taka Shibamoto, Distinguished Professor, UC Davis Department of Environmental Toxicology as well as independent laboratory studies.

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