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Orange Creamsicle Soda Recipe

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Orange Creamsicle Soda Recipe

The flavor of orange creamsicle sends us back to our youth – sitting on the porch in the heat of the summer with sticky popsicle juice running down our faces, surrounded by similar-looking friends.

As adults, we’ve made the choice to cut out sugar and artificial foods from our diet. But we have to admit that every once and awhile we pause and look longingly at the brightly-colored Orange Creamsicle popsicle box sitting in the freezer at the grocery store.

Soda is high on the list of things we no longer consume because of its high levels of sugar and other toxic ingredients. Jing Soda has one of our favorite discoveries of 2018, giving us back the soda we loved as kids, but without the health-robbing ingredients.

So, we were curious. Could we replicate the flavor of orange creamsicle by using Jing Soda to create a delicious, refreshing, and healthy orange creamsicle soda?

(Spoiler Alert: Yes! We can!)

The key to making a healthy orange creamsicle soda is Turmeric Orange Jing Soda and Vanilla Cream Jing Soda. Not only do the flavors mesh together to create the creamy dreamy flavor we love, but the health benefits are out of this world.

The Benefits of Turmeric Orange Soda Concentrate

This turmeric-rich soda is a delicious inflammatory-protective drink that supports overall wellness and longevity. Turmeric has been used for centuries by natural medicine practitioners for its medicinal qualities. As one of the most scientifically-studied herbs, there are over 11,000 published articles detailing turmeric’s positive health factors.

The vast health-supporting benefits of turmeric are due to its robust curcuminoids. Curcumin has been shown in medical studies to be a powerful ally to maintain total body wellness. It offers the ability to balance inflammation within the body to keep your joints, organs, cells, and tissues supple. When your system is balanced, you can digest your food easily, your heart and blood can pump with ease, you can think clearly, and your immune system can protect you from illness.

Turmeric is:

  • Inflammatory-protective
  • Immune system supporting
  • Supportive of healthy blood circulation
  • Supportive to the radiance of the skin
  • Energy and positive mood promoting

The Benefits of Vanilla Cream Soda Concentrate

The sweet flavor of Vanilla Cream brings the immune boosting power of Astragalus to our orange creamsicle recipe.

Astragalus is a powerful adaptogenic plant that has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Hailed for its immune system boosting strength, Astragalus is a powerhouse when it comes to keeping your body healthy and stress-free.

Astragalus contains saponins, flavonoids, and polysaccharides which help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, fight the negative effects of free radicals, and keep your immune system strong against microbial and viral attacks. Studies have shown these saponins and polysaccharides to be inflammatory-protective and anti-tumor. Astragalus is very protective to the kidneys and rest of the renal system, as well.

Okay, so now that you understand just how healthy THIS orange creamsicle soda is going to be for you, here’s how you make it.

Longevity Warehouse Orange Creamsicle Soda Recipe

Step 1: Gather Up

Grab a glass (with or without ice), bubbly water, Turmeric Orange Jing Soda, and Vanilla Cream Jing Soda.

Step 2: Turmeric Orange

Add 2 squirts of Turmeric Orange Soda Concentrate into your glass.

Step 3: Vanilla Cream

Add 1 squirt of Vanilla Cream into your glass.

Step 4: Carbonated Water

Pour carbonated water into the glass.

Step 5: Stir it Up!

Give a gentle stir and enjoy your delicious orange creamsicle soda!

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