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Super Berry Hibiscus ­čî║ Iced Tea Recipe

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Super Berry Hibiscus ­čî║ Iced Tea Recipe
The dog days of Summer are here and keeping hydrated is on everyone's minds!

Super Berry Jing Soda is the perfect solution! This herbal concentrate will not only keep you super hydrated, it will also boost the beauty of your skin while supporting the health of your entire body. 

At Longevity Coffee, our customers stay hydrated with our signature Super Berry Hibiscus Iced Tea! 

ABOVE: ´╗┐Longevity Coffee Shop Owner, Rebecca Gauthier, enjoying the goodness of Super Berry Hibiscus Iced Tea!


Step 1: Steep some organic hibiscus tea

Step 2: Add sparkling water

Step 3: Add 1-2 dropperfuls of Super Berry Jing Soda concentrate

Step 4: Enjoy over ice!

ItÔÇÖs the perfect sparkling summer drink!┬á

Berries are well known for their antioxidant power and they are vibrant and beautiful. It makes a lot of sense that they are essential for your beauty routine. 

Schizandra Berry is included in our Jing Soda Super Berry formula for its ability to maintain juicier tissues and well-hydrated skin.

Amla Berry, Hawthorne Berry, Elberberry, and Blackberry are also included to provide:  

Immune system support*

Nervous system balancing*

Respiratory system strengthening*

Cardiovascular and inflammatory-protective*

Calming to mental and physical stress*


Super Berry Jing Soda is bottled in miron glass, protecting the herbal goodness inside from the intense heat and light of Summer days. Bring it to your favorite cafe or restaurant and simply ask for some iced bubbly water. Add a dropperful or 2 and you have an instant beauty-boosting beverage!

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