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Ozonated Happy Gum Gel, 10 mL

Ozonated Happy Gum Gel, 10 mL


Ideal Microbe Management for your Mouth!

Ozonated Happy Gum Gel delivers ozone, made of three atoms of oxygen (O3), along with potent organic essential oils including seabuckthorn, clove, tea tree, peppermint, rose otto, oregano, cinnamon, and thyme linalool, directly to the mouth!

At home, ozonated tooth serums deliver the combined benefits of ozone with potent botanicals. This ozonated gel may be applied to gums, sensitive teeth, abscesses, gum pockets, sulcus, mouth lesions, and cold sores. You can use Ozonated Happy Gum Gel as toothpaste, put it on your floss, and/or massage it into your gums.


Ozone has many applications in oral care. Nascent oxygen is naturally antifungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral

In 1896, the brilliant visionary, Nikola Tesla, was issued a patent for an ozone generator. An electrical genius with over 300 patents – for a wireless light bulb, wireless communication, ionized gases, cold plasma, and ozone generation for oxygen therapy – Tesla invented ozone therapy. He produced a powerful gel made by bubbling ozone through olive oil until it solidified for use by naturopaths and doctors.

Today, biological dental practices use ozone in the forms of ozone gas and ozone-infused water. Ozonated gas has many dental uses, including injecting it around the root of a tooth after root canal. Cavities exposed to ozone gas will subsequently harden. In the case of a nerve exposure, ozone water followed by ozone gas will often prevent the nerve from dying. Irrigation of a surgical site with ozone water speeds healing and supports the body's mineralization processes for the bones and teeth. Ozone gas injected into a cavitation site is part of a protocol to clear up the cavitation. Injection of ozone into the TMJ joint has been found to restore healthy joint function. Ozonated water is used for ingesting, gargling, and irrigating gum pockets. 


Essential oils are extremely potent, often hundreds of times stronger than an herbal extraction of the same plant. Each oil has hundreds of botanical chemical components that work synergistically. Genuine distillations of plants, flowers, seeds, roots, and trees have been used medicinally for centuries.

Each one of the botanical species in these formulas is carefully selected by Nadine Artemis for its individual and synergistic effects that improve and maintain gum health. The combination of antiseptic, astringent, circulatory and analgesic botanicals create optimal molecular activity.

Ozonated Olive Oil - Olea europaea O3 Olive oil nourishes and moisturizes the mouth while helping to remove plaque from the teeth.
Seabuckthorn - Hippophae rhamnoides This is an incredibly rich and vital oil extracted from a bright orange berry. It is perfectly balanced in omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 essential fatty acids. Our Seabuckthorn berry is a special super critical extract that captures over 190 bioactive substances from the edible berry. The oil is lush source of vitamins C, E, provitamins A and B, beta carotene, carotenoids, precious phytosterols, and rare palmitoleic acids. All of these extraordinary plant properties contribute Seabuckthorn’s blessing to your mouth.
Peppermint - Mentha piperita Peppermint’s cool breezy taste gives you long-lasting fresh breath. Our Peppermint is a genuine distillation of the fresh leaves and comes from a fourth generation family of distillers in France. The Peppermint in commercial toothpaste is artificial menthol and only offers flavor. Real Peppermint is a potent and pleasant friend for oral care. It also inhibits the bacteria that cause bad breath.
Clove Bud - Eugenia carophyllata Distilled from the flowering buds of the clove tree, this cogent culinary plant is robust breath freshener and king of oral care. Clove oil has freshened breath and been an optimal choice for oral care since ancient times. Its botanical constituents of eugenol, esters, and sesquiterpenes, combine to create a powerhouse for a clean, fresh mouth.
Rose Otto - Rosa damascena Rose is a precious and elegant essence. It takes sixty roses to make one drop of rose otto essential oil! It is one of the most valued oils for its tonifying effects.
Tea Tree - Malaleuca alternifolia Traditional Tea Tree is an herbaceous Herculean do-all. It is naturally packed with magnificent mouth attendants. Potent plant compounds of cineole and propanol work to refresh the mouth, prevent tartar build-up, and banish the bacteria that cause bad breath. Steam distilled in Australia, Tea Tree oil evokes a super-clean, piney-clean aroma.
Oregano - Origanum vulgare Our wild Oregano oil is grown in the mountains along the Mediterranean. It contains two phenol compounds that contribute to its unique property: carvacrol at concentrations over 65% and thymol at 3.4% concentration. It is considered a hot oil and an excellent botanicalbiotic that has freshened breath for centuries.
Cinnamon - Cinnamomum ceylanicum Our true Cinnamon Bark oil from Madagascar is is a potent plaque cleanser and breath freshener. It is a classic spice, and tastes nice, too!.
Sweet Thyme - Thymus linalool This is a rare variety of the Thyme species. It is a gentle toner that balances oral secretions. Sweet Thyme is also a potent botanical-biotic that banishes bad breath bacteria.

Organic Ingredients: Ozonized Olea europaea (Olive oil O3), Hippophae rhamnoides (Seabuckthorn), Mentha piperita (Peppermint), Eugenia carophyllata (Clove Bud), Rosa damascene (Rose Otto), Malaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree), Origanum vulgare (Oregano), Cinnamomum ceylanicum (Cinnamon), and Thymus officinalis linalool (Sweet Thyme).

Container Size: 10 mL
Servings Per Container: Depends on amount per usage
Serving Size: One drop 
Suggested Usage: You can use Ozonated Happy Gum Gel as toothpaste, put it on your floss, and/or massage it into your gums.
Storage Instructions: Keep tightly sealed. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
 PLEASE NOTE: The consistency of the Ozonated Gum Gel can be affected by temperature. If it is stored in a warmer temperature it will become more liquid, but is still perfectly fine to use. If desired, you may refrigerate it to restore the product to a gel state. 

~ Gluten-Free ~ Vegan ~ Wildcrafted ~ No Added Chemicals ~
This product is produced in a facility that requires washing and sanitizing hands, bottles, and equipment, and does not permit street shoes to be worn inside the building, which includes a multi-stage air filtration system. All of the raw materials and essential oils were distilled long before the current health situation, and essential oils have naturally potent preservative elements that would not allow a virus to “live” in a bottle or tube of oils.  

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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