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Dragon Herbs Ron Teeguarden's Super Pill No. 2 60 Capsules

Dragon Herbs Ron Teeguarden's Super Pill No. 2 60 Capsules


©Ron Teeguarden 2011

There is a long tradition of "super pills" in the Orient. Only the rarest of the rare formulations have been called a "super pill."

By definition, a super pill is a breakout formulation made from the most extraordinary materials. It tonifies all Three Treasures (Jing, Qi and Shen). Usually, the preparation of a "super pill" is in its own right an exercise of the extreme technology of the era.


Super Pill No.2™ is made from materials that are so rare and finely produced that the product is virtually non-duplicable by anyone else.

Super Pill No.2™ has been produced with 100% naturally derived ingredients, extracted from the most powerful tonic herbs known to mankind. It is made using the most advanced nutraceutical technology in the world to assure potency, purity, and efficacy. Furthermore, all of the ingredients are remarkably safe for human consumption over an extended period of time.

Super Pill No.2™ is based simultaneously on both modern and traditional principles. It is based on cutting-edge scientific research in the fields of longevity, cellular biology, biochemistry, and aging. It is also based on the sanctified traditions of Chinese tonic herbalism, the most sophisticated herbal system in the world.

It has been produced with ingredients obtained from Di Tao sources, acknowledged to be the best sources of each of the herbs, and manufactured using cutting-edge pharmaceutical technologies, and by Fingerprint Identical Transfer Technology™ (FITT™), the most advanced herbal extraction technology in the world.

With FITT™, the "fingerprint" of the finished extract is virtually identical to the fingerprint of the freshly harvested herb. This means that it contains all the same constituents in the same ratios. The smell, flavor, and effect of herbs extracted by FITT™ are identical to that of the raw plant, though it is much more potent. 


Super Pill No.2™ is composed of two "total component fractions," and five whole herb supertonic extracts (made by FITT™). These ingredients are woven together into a perfectly balanced formulation. Together, they make perfect sense in terms of the traditional Three Treasures System of Oriental herbalism, tonifying all Three Treasures (Jing, Qi and Shen) and nurturing both Yin and Yang.

The herbs in their entirety, "total component fractions" and nutraceuticals, are powerfully adaptogenic. Together, they assure optimum adaptive capacity at every level. That means optimized functioning at every level. 

At the same time, the formula takes full account of the current major theories of aging, biology and biochemistry in the fields of genetics, aging, metabolic health and the physiology of aging and life extension. 

Astragaloside IV: Astragaloside IV is a miniscule compound found in the root of Astragalus membranaceus. It provides a wealth of antioxidants, as well as antiviral, longevity, and immune-supportive properties.*

Astragaloside IV provides support to a number of organs and body systems, including the liver, the heart, the brain, and the circulatory, nervous, and immune systems.* Astragaloside IV activates an enzyme that supports telomere health and healthy cell function.*

Gypenosides: Gypenosides are saponin extracts from Gynostemma pentaphyllum (Makino)These gypenosides are very similar to that of ginseng and to the eleutherosides of Siberian Ginseng.  In fact, four of Gynostemma’s saponins are precisely the same chemical structure as the saponins found in ginseng and eleven more are almost identical.  The similarities are so close and so extensive that Gynostemma is now called “Southern Ginseng.”  To the local people who grow it and consume it, it is simply called “Magical Grass.”

PureTrans™ Resveratrol: PureTrans™ Resveratrol is an extremely rich and reliable source of the new super-nutrient resveratrol. Resveratrol is a phytochemical produced in grapes and other plants in response to environmental challenges. 

Resveratrol supports primary immune functions and cellular integrity. According to researchers, resveratrol appears to support the liver, cardiovascular system and kidneys, as well as neurons in the brain, in their response to oxidative challengeMade with 99% pure trans-resveratrol and pure organic Muscadine grape skins, PureTrans™ Resveratrol may be safely consumed daily.

Organic Ginseng: Ginseng has been revered for three thousand years as a Shen tonic. It is a premier adaptogenic, Qi tonic, and immune-supporting herb.* Ginseng regulates and supports the human energy system.* It has been shown to be stimulating and regulatory to both the central nervous system and to the endocrine system.* It is the primary Qi tonic of Chinese tonic herbalism.

Astragalus: Astragalus is a major adaptogenic Qi tonic herb known for its immune potentiating actions. It is one of the most popular and important tonic herbs used in the Orient. It is said to strengthen the primary energy and to tonify the three burning spaces. It is famed as a specific energizer to the outside of the body and is therefore beneficial to those who tend to be physically active. 

Astragalus is believed to be strengthening to the legs and arms, and is traditionally used by people who work outdoors, especially in the cold, because of its strengthening and warming nature. As an energizer to the outside of the body, Astragalus is used to tonify the protective energy (Wei Qi) which circulates just under the skin.

Gynostemma (Gynostemma pentaphyllum): Gynostemma is generally reinforcing to overall health and has a strong anti-fatigue effect.* In China, Gynostemma pentaphyllum is widely believed to have the following health benefits: to help reduce fatigue and increase vigor; to help reduce oxygen deficiency in normal healthy individuals, to support digestion; to support the mind; and to help improve sex functions in normal healthy people.* It is also believed to help calm the nerves.*

Gynostemma supports the immune system.* It is said to possess bi-directional immune activity, thus supporting and helping maintain normal healthy immune functions.*

Rhodiola (Rhodiola sacra): Tibetan Rhodiola sacra is the root of a remarkable snowline herb that has been used for centuries in Himalayan culture to help strengthen mental power, increase depth of thought, improve mental endurance and to increase wisdom. This herb increases oxygen flow to the brain.* Rhodiola is the most sacred herb used in Himalayan herbalism. Himalayan Rhodiola directly tonifies the organs and functions associated with Shen and provides a basis for higher consciousness. It has spirit lifting effects and strengthens the mind.*

He Shou Wu (Polygonum multiflorum): He Shou Wu is a tonic to the Kidney and Liver functions. It helps tonify the vital essence and blood.* Recent research corroborates this ability to build healthy red blood cells in healthy individuals.* It supports healthy muscles, tendons and bones.* It also helps support healthy aging, helps maintain the youthful condition and color of the hair, and helps maintain healthy sperm and ova.*


Per Dragon Herbs: This product is for individual use ONLY and cannot be resold or redistributed.

Container Size: 60 capsules, 500mg each

Serving Size: 1 capsule

Suggested Use: Take one capsule daily with a full glass of water.

Ingredients: Resveratrol extract powder, Astragalus root FITT extract powder, Gynostemma leaf FITT extract powder, Changbai Mountain Organic Chinese Red Ginseng extract powder, Rhodiola root FITT extract powder, Astragaloside IV extract powder, Gypenosides extract powder, Prepared He Shou Wu root FITT extract powder. 
*FITT™ (full-spectrum whole herb extraction)
Other Ingredients: Pullulan polysaccharide, Rice powder, Bamboo extract powder, Rice extract blend.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.